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Swarm of Bees

About Us

The Full Story

The Heritage and the History

Where it Started

Since hives were built in the grounds of the family home over 100 years ago, beekeeping has always been a part of family life. We are very proud that our heritage comes from a tradition of hobbyist beekeeping started in the early 1900s. We are a family run buisness with bees and natural produce at its heart.


Dower House Honey is known for a dedication to excellent produce direct from our own hives; speciallising in short run honey production. The grand family home is up north and we are now based in southern Berkshire and site our hives in peaceful local fields.


Our Ethos

What Makes Us Who We Are

At Dower House Honey we utilise the best hives for the welfare of our bees. Our wooden handmade hives are designed to help nurture the bees and take care of them throughout the seasons. These beehives are put together in our own workshop, in the same place that all of our hand crafted wooden products are made.


We take great pride in our environmental and social responsibility; our honey comes in glass jars, with aluminium lids and our packaging uses recycled paper and card. We don’t use any plastic, no bubble wrap, no plastic shipping bags and no sellotape. We are committed to striving towards zero carbon beekeeping and using recyclable packaging is a very important part of this.


Berkshire’s rural countryside offers a beautiful natural environment for a wide variety of flowers and blossom plants for our bees to forage on. All of our hives are sited on nearby fields and we are very proud to be a small-scale, local producer of honey. As a company, we are passionate about making sure the honey you receive is what we say that it is, authentic and tasty. 


What We Offer

Honey, Wood & Wax

All of our honey is gathered from our own cedar wood bee-friendly hives in Berkshire. We pride ourselves in keeping the process from field to jar as short as possible. This attention to detail helps retain the goodness of a natural product with all the nutrients of an unpasteurised, unblended product direct from the beekeeper.


We also offer a range of handcrafted and unique wooden products from sustainably sourced timber, along with a variety of beeswax candles. Everything has been produced in our own workshop and finished to our high standards. All of our woodwork is finished by branding it with our Dower House Honey logo.

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