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English Summer Honey

English Summer Honey

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A smooth, natural English honey produced by bees that forage on the diverse flora within Berkshire’s open countryside. This pure honey comes straight from our own beehives and is perfect spread over toast, drizzled on top of yoghurt or included in your favourite home recipes. Authentic and Tasty!


    English Summer Honey is from the latter half of the season when the bees are at their busiest and is made from the nectar of a mix of flowers and plants including bramble, balsam, clover and nettle to name a few. No two batches of our honey are exactly the same, with each having its own character and flavour.


    This is a ‘raw honey'; pure honey, taken straight from the hive, extracted and strained by hand and poured into jars. We do not mix it with anything else, we don’t warm the honey, it’s simple and straightforward; just how nature intended.


    Some of our 2022 English Summer Honey harvest has naturaly set and this is down to the types of flora the bees foraged on. To soften the honey, simply set the jar in some warm water (not too hot); after a short amount of time it will go runny again.


    Delivery charges are shown at the time of order and automatically applied at checkout. As an example, current delivery charges are £3.50 for a delivery of up to 4 jars of honey.


    Deliveries usually take approximately 3-5 working days to reach you from the point of confirmed order and payment. Please see our Terms of Service for more information.

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